Experience some of the most fun yoga in Sacramento. Unwind, strengthen, work on your balance, cultivate tranquility and meet some new friends. 

Midtown Sacramento Yoga: Working on Akarna Dhanurasana from the Ashtanga 4th Series practice.I've been teaching for over 20 years and for everything we do in class I offer more advanced variations for experienced students and enough basic alignment instruction and preparatory versions for beginners.

Start the process of transformation that is unique to yoga. My mixed level classes offer challenges and adventure as well as tranquility and the opportunity for meditation.

Just show up. We start with whatever you can do at the moment and let it evolve over time.

The about the classes page has details about what will be going on. It'll be fun. I guarantee you'll have an enjoyable time. 

The bio stuff page gives you some additional information about me as well as a discussion of some of my favorite poses. Just so you can see what my influences are and how I approach the practice. The questions page offers some advice in case you're new to the practice and apprehensive about the whole thing. 

Come join us for a fun journey. I'll see you soon for the practice!  Pre-registration is not necessary -- they're drop-in classes.  Check the where & when page for location details and class times. Just pick a class and show up!   

Breathe, stretch, strengthen. Practice Yoga offers Ashtanga and Classical Yoga classes in Sacramento for all levels.
You'll find that the Sacramento yoga community is quite varied - the town is overflowing with great teachers from a number of different lineages.

Wander around, check it all out and find the yoga practice that is right for you. 

We hope you'll stop in to experience one of my classes during your Sacramento yoga explorations. 

Call me at (916) 441 -4914 if there are any questions about my classes or you need more information concerning your Sacramento yoga options. 


       YOGA FAQ's
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     questions page]  
Yoga Sacramento -- Fun and challenging classes for all levels. Here teacher Bill counter is helping a class work on parsvottanasana.

What does yoga mean? This is a Sanskrit word meaning "yoke" or "union". In the traditional sense, this refers to a linking of the individual to rest of the cosmos through a state of deep meditation. While many students come to yoga for the amazing physical benefits, the practices traditionally lead onward to meditation.

In addition to achieving a feeling of physical well-being, you'll find that the techniques of yoga lead to greater tranquility, contentment and internal peace.

Meditation is the essence of yoga. Our Sacramento yoga classes will deepen your ability to focus.What is Sanskrit? Sanskrit is the language of the yoga tradition, which stretches back thousands of years.

While originating in the Indus Valley of India, yoga has been embraced by many cultures over the last few millenia because the techniques have been proven to work effectively in promoting well-being and happiness.  

What does Ashtanga mean?  Ashto means eight and anga means a limb or part. Calling something Ashtanga Yoga refers to the 8 limbs of the path to enlightenment outlined by Patanjali in the classic text Yoga Sutra around 200 BC. The Sutras are the philosophical underpinning of most styles of hatha yoga practice.  Ashtanga, of course, also refers to a specific very challenging style of flow practice.     

Fun and challenging yoga classes in Sacramento. Here's Bill in Vasisthasana from the Ashtanga Third Series.Is hatha yoga a particular style? No. It just refers to any of the physical practices of the yoga tradition. Every Sacramento yoga studio has a different mix of styles for teaching the breathwork and poses of yoga (asanas).  Whether it's Ashtanga, Bikram, Iyengar yoga, vinyasa flow (or whatever) -- they're all just varieties of hatha yoga.

There's a lot of overlap but different lineages explore the poses differently and emphasize different aspects of the tradition. The word hatha literally means force or forceful but also has an esoteric meaning of sun/moon indicating that one of the primary goals is to balance opposite energies and thus lead the mind toward tranquility and bliss. 

What results should I expect? That depends on your intent and the intensity of your practice. Patanjali in the Yoga Sutra mentions two requirements for a successful practice: abhyasa (a longterm intense practice) and vairagya  (detachment from the results).

The physical aspects of yoga (hatha yoga in its many forms) develop strength, flexibility, balance and good health. But all of these benefits pale in comparison to the mental rewards of the practice: contentment (santosha), improved mental focus, and a greater capacity for dealing with life from a relaxed, meditative perspective.

Bill's Ashtanga 1-2-3 classes are like Power Yoga classes except with more of a traditional Ashtanga focus.Where should I start?  Start anywhere. It's not linear. Do what you can, study with a wide variety of teachers.

There is a lot of yoga in Sacramento to choose from. Wander around. Take a few classes. Figure out what aspects of the tradition work for you. It's a lifetime adventure. 

See you in class soon!

-- Bill

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(916) 441-4914

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